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mlmNetwork marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is a business model which involves a pyramid structured network of peoples, who sell products & service of the company by recruiting new people.

what is mlm
MLM based on Direct selling organizations (not depend on any channel or distribution). The responsibility to sell the products is transferred to their distributor (the participants) who get the commission every time they make a sale. no fixed salaries in this business, The more he sells or recruits, the more he earns, he gets commission from their network also, (Suppose a person ‘A’ has a person ‘B’ under him. Now A will get the commission whenever he makes a sale and also a part of B’s commission when B makes a sale. Now, to earn more money, B will also try to recruit any person C under him, and so on, this makes a big system of network hierarchy.

MLM business is very important in today’s modern world. It has existed a couple of decades and has changed the lives of many peoples. Many successful businessmen all over the world are involved in network marketing while others recommend it. but this industry is a business of patience that is something a god gifts, that is the only reason why the Success rate of this industry is just only 0.3% that is also less than taking admission in IIT’s. Apart from this, what you will learn in this industry in just a few months that you can’t learn in other industries even you work for a lifetime.

Now I’m going to tell you 40 things that you will learn in MLM business

  1. Business Opportunity
  2. Work From Anywhere
  3. Your Own Schedule
  4. Low Cost of Entry
  5. No Billing/Account Receivables
  6. Tax Benefits From A Homebased Business
  7. Small amount of risk
  8. Quickly Profitable
  9. No Employees
  10. Support from high profiles individuals
  11. Self Motivated
  12. Use of Internet
  13. Build Your Business By Using social media
  14. Sales techniques
  15. Marketing strategy
  16. Customer service
  17. Mentorship
  18. Skillful leadership
  19. Learn many languages
  20. No Discrimination Between Men/Women/Age/Race
  21. Financial freedom
  22. No Certification
  23. No parents background
  24. Become professional
  25. Personal Growth
  26. Spoken Skills
  27. Future Security
  28. No limit to earn 
  29. Daily/weekly payout
  30. Free training
  31. opportunity to meet big personality
  32. Foreign trip
  33. Dream place trip
  34. Dream Car
  35. Dream House
  36. Opportunity to help others
  37.  Build new friendships and relationships
  38. Quality products
  39. Certified product
  40. A Stress Free Environment
  1. Brush Up on the Realities of MLMs
  2. Find a Company With a Product You Love
  3. Be Genuine and Ethical
  4. Identify Your Target Market
  5. Make an Effort to Share Your Product//Business Plan Everyday
  6. Sponsor, Don’t Recruit
  7. Set a Goal for Parties or Presentations
  8. Listen and Sell the Solution
  9. Learn How to Marketing
  10. Stand Out from Other Distributors
  11. Develop a System for Following Up
  12. Make a million friends
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यहां हम आपको सर्वकालिक लोकप्रिय और सर्वश्रेष्ठ एमएलएम और नेटवर्क मार्केटिंग के वीडियो प्रदान करते हैं, जो आपको विकसित करने में बहुत मदद करेंगा।

नोट– ये Videos हमारे द्वारा नहीं बनाई गई है, फिर भी आपको सर्वश्रेष्ठ मूल्य प्रदान करना हमारा कर्तव्य है।

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